DDB moves to The Creative Centre at Pico


We’re moving this weekend from our village to the creative centre, or more specifically, from 226 Outram Road to The Creative Centre at Pico.

It’s been nearly 10 years here at the Institute of Ideas at Outram, a place where the DDB Group grew from 132 staff to over 280 people now. Of course, we are nostalgic but yet, change we must.

What will not change is the spirit, the togetherness and the culture that is DDB. But a new future beckons, as we move into an inspired place, that is in every sense world-class in design and ambient, where our best is yet ahead.

Amidst the changes, we are unchanging in our pursuit of cutting-edge creativity. I am personally thrilled to share with you some words which Pico Iyer, the travel writer, penned for us, as we make our office move.

To all our old friends, we’ll see you in our new place at Pico.

“Every year in November the falling maple leaves in Japan bring change,
a reminder of passage, a sense of things ending. But the reminder
itself is as regular as autumn, unchanging. All the individual leaves
are falling, yet the larger pattern remains wonderfully the same.

Thus goodbyes become the first step towards saying hello again, and
the very pang of autumn, its suggestion of death and the dark, marks
the first turn towards the spring. An old office passes, a new office
arrives, but whatever brings you to the office—love, curiosity,
traffic—never really shifts at all.

I asked the Dalai Lama once how he felt seeing his senior tutor, his
junior tutor, his mother, his brother, pass away. “It’s just like the
days,” he said. “An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important
thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend—or a meaningful

Long live the old office, in short, and may the best of it live in the new!”

— Pico Iyer

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