First the Effie, then Cannes, CCA and Spikes

First the Effie, then Cannes, CCA and Spikes

We’ve always believed in being a balanced agency. Iron and silk. Steel and sophistry. Lennon and McCartney. Bono and The Edge.

Some days, we can’t tell one from the other.

And that’s good, because we believe effectiveness feeds upon creativity. And creativity feeds upon effectiveness.

It keeps us sharp, honest, and committed to our clients’ cause.

After dominating the EFFIEs for seven years, we went on to become Singapore’s most awarded agency this year at Cannes with two silvers in outdoor and the country’s only Lion in print.

Last month, we emerged Agency of the Year at the Singapore Creative Circle Awards, with a total of 24 pieces of metal. At the SPH INK awards, we were again the most awarded agency with one gold, two silvers and three bronzes.

This week sums up a year of skill’s perfection. We came up tops as the most awarded agency in Singapore at Spikes; dominating the shortlist and local medal tally with 8 silvers and 9 bronzes.

We couldn’t have done all this without our clients – StarHub, Health Promotion Board, McDonald’s, RSAF, HOTA, Courts, Uniqlo, Penguin Books, the National Library of Singapore and the others.

It’s noteworthy that the wins come from work created in a range of media – print, outdoor, activation, digital, ambient, film, content, retail and design.

So, what do all the awards mean?

They’re like fingers pointing to the moon, to a source of big ideas.
The digits are only indicators of something bigger.

As we grapple with and invest in the changes – [email protected], [email protected], Alterian CRM, content and post-production – we remain steadfast about our pursuit of the Big Idea.

I like what Bryce Courtenay, our DDB guest speaker at Spikes, said, “What’s a big idea? It’s something you give everything to make it great, make it joyful and make it work.”

Now that sounds like rock ‘n’ roll to me.

First the Effie, then Cannes, CCA and Spikes
Now here’s the tally: CCA Spikes
Total of units of work entered: 35 35
Total units short-listed as finalists: 28 20
Gold CCA/Spikes: 1
Silver CCA/Spikes: 12 8
Bronze CCA/Spikes: 10 9
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