Here’s to the future at DDB Group Singapore

If the last four weeks were anything to go by, it seems we’re headed for interesting times ahead.

Our new office opening at the Pico Creative Centre saw a spectacular line-up of personalities and events – Keith Reinhard, Pico Iyer, People’s Day, Hyper Island and an ‘Art with a Heart’ charity auction for the community.


First, we had our DDB Chairman Emeritus, Keith Reinhard, who came to the Singapore on 16 February and gave us an inspiring talk on Creativity and Humanity, on being talented and nice, and the foundation and the future of our business. Thank you, Keith, for being back in Singapore again.

This was followed by an even more rousing office opening, complete with lion dance. Omnicom Group Vice-Chairman Tim Love and DDB Asia Pacific Group Chairman & CEO John Zeigler led the auspicious opening of our new office at Pico Creative Centre. And very aptly, TIME Magazine and travel writer Pico Iyer gave his take of the past and the future, the old and the new, and even Leonard Cohen and U2.

On 25 February, we held our annual DDB People Day, where all 280 staff from DDB Group Singapore participated in what it means to be at DDB. John Zeigler and Craig Lonnee rallied the team in a day of culture, fun and sharing.


Next up was Hyper Island, where senior DDB managers across Asia were put through three days of digital dreamscape led by Professor Jonathan Briggs and the boys from Scandinavia in New Balance shoes. While they certainly didn’t have all the answers to the new challenges we’re facing in the business, they inspired us to find our own.

Finally, perhaps what’s most gratifying were our charity aid drives.
Our “Art with a Heart” charity auction, where our own aspiring artists developed their works of art, raised a total of SGD$8,833, to be given away to support needy families near our new office.
This was followed by our Japan Aid drive, where we joined hands with our client Uniqlo to raise money in aid of the tsunami victims in Japan.

Frankly, the last one week has not been a good one, with the tragedy in Japan. But the last four weeks has brought out what it means to be DDB – long live Creativity and Humanity.

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