Hong Kong launch Unbroken for Hagar International

Anti-slavery NGO Hagar International has partnered with DDB Group Hong Kong to launch Unbroken – a global campaign raising awareness of survivors and their difficult reintegration into society.

Currently, there are a record 50 million people living in slavery globally. Of survivors, only 0.2% have access to the support needed to heal, both physically and mentally. Hagar is committed to helping survivors through the provision of sanctuary, counseling, legal support, education, and safe jobs.

Featuring the traditional Japanese art form of Kintsugi, the striking video conveys that lives take only moments to break but a long time to repair.¬†Artist Yoko Kawada lends her skill to the initiative, which documents the restoration of a shattered sculpture – symbolising Hagar’s role in each survivor’s recovery process.

With this campaign, Hagar hopes to raise US$4.2 million by 2025 and ramp humanitarian assistance to help as many victims as possible.

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