News from Cannes: Lions for DDB in the Lion City

News from Cannes: Lions for DDB in the Lion City

The Holy Grail of advertising creativity is for an agency to create both, effective and experimental, work; advertising that delivers the results for our clients and gleaming ideas that light the way ahead.

At DDB Singapore, our fingertips are within brushing distance of these two golden goals:

• Last month we became Singapore’s most awarded EFFIE agency for a 7th year.

• And last week we became Singapore’s most awarded agency in Print and Outdoor at Cannes, with three Lions.

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Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Hear nothing you don't want to.

Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Hear nothing you don’t want to.

Winning at the Effie is like playing in a year-long NBA season, where the team has to be supremely agile, consistent and versatile, across multiple campaigns, to come out tops in the league.

Winning at Cannes calls for superb skills and improvisation to break new grounds, not unlike how the Harlem Globetrotters amaze with new thrills every year.


It hasn’t been easy – and it won’t be easy moving forward. Because these divergent thrusts require us to think ideas that are winners at marketing effectiveness, and also ideas that can sweep the judges with new levels of innovation.

And how do we do it? Think of an F1 team with a big road-car assembly line that runs it and you get the picture. The ideas that push the boundaries eventually get incorporated into less experimental and more effective campaign modules.

Now here’s the tally: Cannes Effie
Total of units of work entered: 12 17
Total units short-listed as finalists: 9 15
Gold Lions/Effie: 1
Silver Lions/Effie: 2 3
Bronze Lions/Effie: 1 5

The award-winning entries can be viewed here – to get fired-up for the next season of Catchfire work!

The Best is yet to come.

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