Hailing unsung heroes during Ramadan

The Challenge

Ramadan and Mother’s Day fall in the month of May.

For McDonald’s, it represents an interesting challenge in the month of fasting and motherly appreciation.

Sometimes, it takes two distinctly challenging goals to come out with one charming solution.

The Insight

At the dawn and the dusk of every day, you’ll often find the loving devotion of a seemingly indefatigable mother with a well-cooked meal.

It can be demanding on this unsung hero which we call ‘mum’, especially during the month of fasting.

We believe even super-heroes can do with a little help, from time to time.

The Idea & Execution

From waking up before the break of dawn to preparing the meals to break the day’s fast, McDonald’s understands and makes for the perfect companion for the season of fasting and bonding.

Muslim Mums are the unsung heroes of the household. So this year, McDonald’s gives families and hardworking mums a helping hand through McDelivery, an accessible way for all to share in the joy of adding to the iftar together.

Our film opens with a young Muslim boy’s admiration for his mother, and how he always sees her as a superhero – especially during Ramadan.

Watch the film unfold as he realizes that even superheroes need a helping hand…

The Results

Our heart-warming film garnered approximately 200,000 views in the first 3 days. Netizens applauded McDonald’s for the amazing effort.

Two significant occasions told in one timeless story.