Meet Water Sally, a new water icon for a new generation

Since 2005, Water Wally has been the face of PUB in Singapore, achieving iconic status in our little red dot. While PUB has had a lot of success in promoting water conservation with Water Wally, there’s a need to ensure their messages continue to resonate with a younger audience, who will play a critical role in ensuring the continued success of Singapore’s water story.


Introducing Water Sally, a new mascot that personifies the savvy, global values of today’s youths. The bubbly younger sister to Water Wally, she is hip, great at social media and well-travelled. Together with her sibling, she will be used to front school outreach efforts to reinforce water conservation and sustainability messages all year round. 

Water Sally was first introduced in an animated film. Through the film, we shared the backstory of her studies abroad, highlighting her global perspective on water sustainability, which comes in handy in her water-saving missions with her brother, Water Wally.


We also featured Water Sally in various new initiatives targeted at kids 12 and below. Besides launching the ‘Water Wally and Sally Club’, PUB’s first ever water club for kids, we also created an illustrated storybook series with best-selling children’s author Adeline Foo, to inculcate good water-saving habits.

We continued building mindshare for Water Sally with the launch of her new music video in collaboration with PinkFong, Baby Shark’s creator. The catchy earworm reinforced the importance of conserving water, a precious resource, and ingrained good water habits in our young for life.


Water Sally was warmly embraced by youths and parents alike, making water conservation fresh, exciting and relevant to a whole new generation. Our campaign achieved:

6.5M impressions

1.5M reach

1.1M TVC views

490K video engagements