Now, everyone can make every drop count!


Over the years, PUB has highlighted the preciousness of water and the need to use it sustainably. But while Singaporeans know the importance of water conservation, many do not feel empowered to act as they believe individual actions will not make a big impact. 

With rising water demand and climate change affecting our water resources, how can we go beyond awareness – and inspire every Singaporean to start making every drop count?



We launched a nationwide campaign that focused on a simple message: Everyone can play a part in water conservation. And even simple actions can contribute to securing our water future. 

To bring our idea to life, we tapped on Singaporeans’ collective passion for counting to inspire everyone to start ‘counting’ the water they use. The anthemic spot featured Singaporeans using water wisely in various familiar scenarios – with a cheeky, self-aware narrator affirming their every action!

To further reinforce the message, we flooded the streets with vibrant ads that highlighted 6 simple water-saving actions. In each visual, we humanised household objects to show that saving water is easy, and can make everyone, from the environment to our appliances, happy!

The campaign was also launched in conjunction with World Water Day 2022. Our #GoBlue4SG movement attracted over 300 corporate partners who joined us in curating blue-themed deals and promotions. In an epic conclusion to our campaign, we ‘painted’ Singapore blue with over 60 iconic buildings lit up in support of water conservation.


The campaign exceeded all targets and resonated strongly with the public. Our striking campaign visuals commanded attention islandwide, and successfully drove home the importance of taking personal action in saving water. Within a month, we achieved: 

45M total impressions on social/digital platforms

3M TVC views on social/digital platforms

18k total engagement on social

17% increase in campaign recall compared to the previous year