RSAF sets a New Benchmark with Mobile First

The Challenge

The RSAF wanted to engage today’s youths across its many spectacular vocations. For these digital natives, it’s all about discovery, entertainment and social playability. A traditional print-and-film campaign is just so 1990’s.

The Insight

Sorry to disappoint the old fogeys – where today’s youths are concerned, there is no one digital ‘medium’ (not even Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram). Instead they live their lives on ‘micro moments’ hooked on their always-on mobile devices, where marketers must now make themselves relevant and impress to win the day.

The Idea & Execution

For today’s youths, the RSAF took to Mobile First to tell its collaborative story of the world’s most amazing teamwork operations.

Introducing ‘One Force’, an immersive engagement campaign with a unified and highly coordinated engagement at every touch-point leading to a dynamic mobile experience.

We began with a 60-sec brand filmlet to showcase RSAF’s core mission – released on national television but seen widely, shared and raved about online and on multiple social media platfoms.

RSAF One Force Video

The filmlet led youths to the ‘One Force: Reloaded’ mobile app, where recruitment prospects get an immersive 3D graphic experience from thrilling ‘airbase attack vs defence’ multi-player games to. ‘single-player missions’ based on the many RSAF vocations. In so doing, youths saw the dynamic teamwork of the RSAF.


Attack and defend your way to victory

For added synergy, content such as videos and bonus points are unlocked when the app interacts with our TVC and print ads, thus providing a transmedia engagement campaign.

A series of outdoor posters featured the many vocations, including the mobile app for download.


The campaign leads to an by-invite-only RSAF Open House, where 360-degree VR videos will deliver immersive virtual experiences to our audience, placing them in the boots of our RSAF personnel.

The Results

The filmlet has racked up over 100k views online in just a week. The One Force Reloaded app has made a strong ascend up the iTunes and Android app store with over 18k downloads within 1 month and claiming the no. 1 spot in Strategy Games Downloads in both app stores on 18th and 19th Feb. Recruitment prospects are hooked on the games and signing up for the ‘invites-only’ RSAF Open House.

From app to ads, from AR to real-life Open House, RSAF ‘One Force’ has created a new campaign benchmark other forces are looking up to. Rightly so, for the force that’s like nothing on earth.