StarHub The Magic of Love


The year-end festive season is synonymous with gift-giving. Many of us readily lavish our families with the latest clothes, toys and gadgets.

And so, the gift can often become more significant than that significant other you give to.

The Challenge

It’s Christmas and every brand wants to shine during this festive season, including against commercials from around the world that get circulated on social media.

Being a decidedly local brand, StarHub wanted to create a magical Christmas spot without the benefit of snow, reindeer or Santa.

So for Christmas, StarHub would remind Singaporeans that it is not about what you have but rather who you have, that makes the festive season truly magical.


The Insight

We can all relate to our own family dramas that tend to bubble up during the festivities when our families come together; oftentimes, where the gift can overshadow the giver.

StarHub brought one such story to life.

The Idea & Execution

StarHub’s festive commercial titled ‘The Magic of Love’ features a misunderstood teenage girl who wants to give her family a magical Christmas. She took to music to make it happen but faces resistance from her struggling single mother who juggles two jobs to provide for the family. She perseveres and surprises everyone – including her mother who doubted her intentions the most.

The 105-second film concludes with the poignant message that ‘Nothing’s more magical than family’.

The commercial has been running on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram since 30th November and is currently also airing on StarHub TV and in GV theatres.


The Results

In less than 2 weeks, the touching video has already garnered over 1 million views on Facebook and YouTube, plus 9,300 reactions and over 1,600 shares on Facebook with numerous viewers sharing their fondest moments with their loved ones.

There really is nothing more magical than family.