‘The Provision Shop’ that stocks stories of love, kindness and understanding


A regular provision shop lets you buy your everyday stuff. But ‘The Provision Shop’ stocks up a lot more. This film lets you learn about kindness, tolerance and understanding, even the clangy migrant tinderbox but above all, the kampung spirit that is Singapore.

The Challenge

Our tiny island nation has over 5 million locals and new immigrants, living side by side. It’s only natural that misunderstanding and friction arises.

Our government wants one united people. But we do not often hang out at the same common spaces.

The Insight

Story-telling reaches deep into the hearts of Singaporeans that preaching and policies cannot reach.

We don’t need another history lesson on racial riots and all. We get it – we are all different by the colour of our skin, our languages, customs. But what unites us are our dreams, our hopes, our desires to be liked and accepted. To feel welcomed. No man is an island, not on this island anyway.

The Idea & Execution

In a spectacular film directed by the darling of Singapore film, Royston Tan, we turned issues into stories which challenge viewers to set aside their prejudices and see others in a kinder, gentler light – mostly shot in a provision store.


‘The Provision Shop’ stocks up on stories of love and understanding, revolving around a quaint and unassuming yet characterful provision shop.

In essence, we turned issues into tissues.

The film also celebrates the diversity we enjoy in Singapore. In Royston’s own words, “the provision shop was a favourite hangout for neighbours to chit-chat and catch up with one another in the old days. To me, it is not just a place for transactions, but also where we build relationships and deepen ties.”

The film also created a hit soundtrack, viewed over 427,000 times on YouTube, and the birth of two singing sensations.

The Results

‘The Provision Shop’ pulled in 609,000 viewers on the premiere night of 17 July, well over the next highest watched programme – Channel 8 News – which had 560,000 viewers the same night.

And for those who missed it on telly, 262,552 viewers saw it online.

You will also find nostalgic elements that will make you laugh, cry, and laugh again. See to believe – and feel. Forget advertising, this is reality TV.