Viu x Deliveroo hijack viewers’ food cravings

Building brand love while growing revenue through in-stream ads sounds like an impossible task, especially when ads disrupt the show-watching experience. By taking personalisation to a new level, Viu – a leading over-the-top (OTT) video streaming service in Southeast Asia – seamlessly boosted ad revenue without compromising the entertainment experience.

Research has shown that our choice of food is influenced by the shows we watch. It is no wonder that we often crave the same food that our favourite characters eat on-screen.

‘Eat What You Watch’ hijacks viewers’ cravings for the food they see on screen. In partnership with Deliveroo – an online delivery platform – Viu now gives Viu-ers the ability to order food from the shows they watch. Jointly developed AI combs through drama series to analyse food scenes and, using a unique algorithm, serve up a link to order food options matching the scene.

The campaign served up a first-of-its-kind hyper-personalised experience where viewers dine with their stars, and achieved a 143% click-through rate in just two short weeks.

In addition to drawing in new partners and revenue streams, ‘Eat What You Watch’ also received waves of positive reactions from fans online.