5 minutes with DDB Singapore’s Subodh Deshpande

Subodh Deshpande’s journey from the world of theatre to chief strategy officer at DDB Singapore reflects a deep sense of creativity and empathy.

His passion for humanising brands stems from his belief in the power of radical love, driving his contribution to the wider creative community. His collaborative approach and commitment to innovation and inclusivity position him as a leader in branding excellence.

Along with expertise in brand transformation, utopian branding principles, and harnessing behavioural intelligence, Subodh is also the co-author of ‘Utopia Brands’. Speaking with LBB, he shares his vision for crafting authentic brand narratives and shaping the future of marketing strategy.

LBB> Would you say you’ve always been a creative person?

Subodh> They say that middle children often develop a rich inner world as they seek to stand apart from their older and younger siblings, encouraging their imagination to flourish and fostering creativity. I strongly believe this is true in my case.

I pursued theatre before coming into advertising and recently published my poetry. There was always an instinct to make something from nothing. I love that the advertising product is fundamentally an act of imagination. This is why I love the business of creativity.

LBB> What inspired your transition from advertising to consulting, particularly your move to Innate Motion, and how has this shift influenced your approach to brand building and strategy?

Subodh> I was attracted to Innate Motion’s approach of transforming brand teams via a journey rooted in empathy. Brands are nothing but powerful feelings and emotions. A brand is an idea you buy into.

I was really curious and eager to help brand teams develop this collective consciousness of why they are here. It was very useful to become the guide to shape these emotions.

As a result, today, I see brand communication as much more than the execution of clever ideas and production wizardry. It is the opportunity to offer a brand to the world’s people because of what it represents: courage, empowerment, brotherhood, delirious joy, a chance to grieve, and a time to be brave.

Catch Subodh’s full interview with LBBOnline published on 5 May 2024.

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