5 minutes with DDB Singapore’s Vinod Savio

Having recently been appointed chief creative officer at DDB Singapore, Vinod Savio’s reputation in advertising proceeds him. Well-known as a champion of fostering a positive culture, DDB Singapore’s track record of innovation and leveraging data for creative excellence is, in some part, thanks to Vinod.

Sharing insights into his return to the agency, his pivotal career moments, and his vision for transforming the creative landscape, Vinod explores the evolving role of technology in advertising.

With a wealth of experience working with major brands, he delves into strategies that consistently drive creative excellence and advises aspiring creatives seeking recognition in the industry.

LBB> You’ve recently returned to DDB Group Singapore as the chief creative officer. Can you share what inspired your decision to return to DDB, and what are your goals for this new role?

Vinod> I’m excited to return to DDB because it’s more than just an agency to me – it’s played a pivotal role in my career, and I can quickly identify with its values and philosophy. DDB believes in creativity, humanity, and diversity, and these are the things that matter to me as well. It’s where I was mentored by some of the best minds on building brands, growing and nurturing teams, and solving problems with innovative ideas.

DDB is poised for significant growth and transformation in Southeast Asia. I am committed to helping the agency achieve its goals by building on its strengths, defining a clear vision for the region, introducing a rigorous and practical creative review process, inspiring the next generation of creative talent, and delivering increased business value for clients.

LBB> What aspects of your career journey have been the most fulfilling or pivotal for you?
Vinod> I stumbled into advertising in Bangalore, India, nearly two decades ago. I still remember my first day as an intern in the creative department, like yesterday. I watched as people discussed ideas and how exciting the process was, and I knew on day one that this was where I needed to be.

My journey in advertising has been a roller coaster as I’ve shifted markets, agencies, and clients. But each change has brought new friends, learnings, and adventures. My opportunity to work closely with Google’s marketing team in Southeast Asia and India was pivotal. I’m particularly proud of the campaigns we created for Google in Indonesia and India. They tackled critical social issues like diversity and inclusion, making mobile gaming more accessible for all, and the responsible use of AI.

These campaigns have also won some of the most prestigious awards in the creative industry, such as One Show, D&AD, Smarties, Spikes Asia, and Effies. These awards have validated and motivated me to continue creating the best work possible and to strive for excellence and innovation.

But the most fulfilling aspect has been the people. This business is a people business. Diverse minds come together to solve, create, and build. You realise it’s the heart and soul of everything we do. Diversity of thought is essential.

Catch Vinod’s full interview with LBBOnline published on 10 November 2023.

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