CNN praises Tribal Singapore’s vaccination drive

The Singapore Government’s unexpected vaccine rap, Get Your Shot, Steady Pom Pi Pi, starring local icon Phu Chua Kang has made international headlines. Created by Tribal Worldwide Singapore, the lovable two-minute music video was praised for its viral effect during a recent live CNN interview with Singapore’s Foreign Minister, Vivian Balakrishnan.

Alongside his wife Rosie, PCK urges Singaporeans to get vaccinated and protected against COVID-19 with no delays. Compared to traditional government messages, the video marks a fresh departure – injecting youthful energy into a contentious subject.

Since its launch, the video has raked in over 1.5 million views and counting globally. In addition to CNN, the viral track has grabbed the attention of media outlets in APAC, Europe, and the Americas. As written by The Guardian, “the video has been praised online as lovable cringe and surprisingly informative, while some international viewers have urged their own governments to produce similar tracks.”

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