DDB China sparks CNY clicking frenzy for Skittles

A red packet with a very frustrating difference is at the heart of DDB China Group’s new campaign for Skittles. Traditionally, Chinese New Year (CNY) campaigns are all about family reunions and warm festive greetings, echoing the spring festivals’ sentiments. With the guidance of global creative chief Ari Weiss, DDB China Group changed pace with a new idea inspired by Skittles’ trademark sense of humour – known and admired by fans worldwide. Spearheaded by creative heads Awing Chen and Cary Tsui in partnership with account lead Wendy Zhou, the team in China infused the Skittles brand spirit in China’s most prominent festival to set the bar for engagement during the lucrative holiday season.

During CNY friends and family traditionally exchange paper or digital red packets with money to express their heartfelt greetings. This year, Skittles introduced a red packet with a rather frustrating difference. Instead of clicking once to unlock the cash gift, this red packet required a hefty 50,000 clicks to set free its equally epic reward: Skittles was giving away RMB49,999 to the competitor that completed the feat in the fastest time.

Starting on 21 January, the campaign took to social media to stir up interest in the challenge. Influencers were invited to share, retweet, and escalate social buzz. Doubts about the feasibility of the challenge soon surfaced across Chinese social media, and Skittles fired up the debate with a teaser video poking fun at the seemingly impossible task. A bespoke speed test even helped fans gauge their clicking prowess in preparation for the challenge.

To gain access to the WeChat Mini Programme, fans had to scan the QR code inside a packet of Skittles. The challenge launched on 29 January. Each day’s winner was announced the following day with fans vying to beat the record of 1 hour, 52 minutes, and 29 seconds. On social media, influencers regaled their experiences, and participants across the country shared tips and comments online – keeping the brand top of mind with a fun, unique, and typically Skittles experience.

“Our idea was brilliant in its simplicity, and we’re enormously thankful to our brave and supportive client for giving us the green light to bring this crazy story to life,” said Chen.

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