DDB, Hennessy launch shortfilms with Li Yuchun

To resonate with a younger audience, Hennessy is advocating for a more meaningful definition of success – looking beyond superficial appearances in a flashy world to what makes for a richer, more meaningful life. Starring Chinese singer, actress, and fashion icon Li Yuchun, the campaign inserted its brand into a series of authentic moments between people with genuine relationships to position itself as an aspirational brand, advocating for a more meaningful definition of success.

Under the tagline ‘Find What Matters’, a series of beautifully shot shortfilms encourages people find what truly matters to them in this post Covid-19 era.

One of the campaign highlights was a challenge calling for people to submit their ‘Find what matters’ moments on TikTok. In just two weeks, the entry videos raked in a staggering 2.38 billion views.

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