DDB Hong Kong creates #SNEAKJOY for McDonald’s

Social listening has revealed the joy customers experience from sneaking their menu favourites into unexpected places, such as aeroplanes. Leaning into this fan truth, McDonald’s Hong Kong created a social campaign, under the banner of #SNEAKJOY, to inspire user-generated content in exchange for menu giveaways.

The campaign kicked off with a special promotion at Hong Kong International Airport, inviting travellers to experience the joy of “sneaking” a McDonald’s apple pie onto their flight. The first 1,000 people bringing their boarding pass to the airport McDonald’s received a free apple pie to enjoy on their journey. Customers that creatively captured their experience, shared it on social media via the campaign hashtag #SNEAKJOY, and tagged the McDonald’s Hong Kong Instagram account also received free Chicken McNuggets on their return to Hong Kong.

Andreas Krasser, CEO at DDB Group Hong Kong, said: “This campaign is special because it taps into and amplifies an existing behaviour. We hope it will bring a lot of joy, as well as entertainment, to even more people along the way.”


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