DDB Hong Kong taps VTubers for Octopus Mastercard

Octopus Hong Kong is leveraging the influence of VTubers to target teens in a new campaign for its virtual prepaid card. Developed by DDB Group Hong Kong, the campaign promotes the Octopus Mastercard as a credit card alternative for under-18s to purchase mobile games, order food, and shop online independently.

Downloaded via the Octopus App and easily added to Apple Pay or Google Pay, the card bypasses the need for online teens to borrow a credit card or take responsibility for any debt.

To engage its teen audience, the campaign has enlisted the help of four anime Vtubers – Mya, Rumi Ikisaragi, Tsukishima Cross, and Hasuki Aoi. The popular video content creators have an accumulated subscriber base of almost 100,000 people. The first-of-its-kind campaign combines curated lifestream content, bespoke merchandise, and e-commerce offers to create a comprehensive brand presence.

The anime Vtubers are introduce the Octopus Mastercard via their weekly live streams, directing teens to online shopping platform Flying Milktea for exclusive offers and discounts.

Said Felix Fong, head of digital at DDB Group Hong Kong, “It was important to demonstrate the card’s benefits without encroaching too much on their time, space, or enjoyment. I think partnering with the VTubers and Flying Milktea felt a really new and interesting proposition and yet, a natural fit for all.”

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