DDB launches #StrongBeauty platform for Mannings China

Mannings is advocating for healthier beauty standards by aiming to stamp out self-doubt. Starring Hong Kong’s pop queen, Joyce Cheng, the ongoing campaign tells a story of liberation and overcoming doubt to embrace and value uniqueness in a new TVC. Having doubted herself for years before realising her differences were, in fact, a strength, the narrative is close to Cheng’s heart.

“We hope it acts as a nice reminder for people to stop giving themselves a hard time,” commented creative director Christine Lai.

“Owning your unique beauty is beautiful in itself and we want every Mannings woman radiating that beauty,” added Mannings’ brand marketing lead, Carol Yung.

#StrongBeauty was first launched in 2020, highlighting strength of character as a defining aspect of beauty. The campaign is supported across digital and social, including sharing lyrics from Cheng’s songs that define her own #StrongBeauty journey.

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Mannings encourages women to embrace their unique beauty via DDB Group Hong Kong

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