DDB Mudra celebrates three years of McDonald’s EatQual

In its constant endeavour to drive inclusivity through its marquee EatQual initiative, McDonald’s India has launched its third film shining a light on how specially-abled individuals lead normal lives in their own ways. In partnership with DDB Mudra Group, the campaign sets out to prove how we all are different and yet the same. Each individual has their own unique way of living life, irrespective of their special abilities.

The film follows a young girl with limited upper limb mobility finishing everyday tasks independently and with ease. From brushing her teeth to tying her shoelaces, nothing stands in the way of her living life just like any other individual. Fittingly, the film ends with the girl enjoying her favourite McDonald’s burger in the specially created EatQual packaging, as joyfully as her other friends.

McDonald’s India started the journey of EatQual in 2020 to provide an effortless, seamless, and equal burger-eating experience for all their fans. The EatQual packaging – which is available in-store and on the McDelivery App – has been designed in consultation with experts from NGOs that have been working with the specially abled community for over 50 years.

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