DDB, Temasek Polytechnic launch BIG

In partnership with Temasek Polytechnic’s Centre for Applied Behavioural Sciences (CABS), DDB Group Singapore is proud to launch the Behavioural Intelligence Group or BIG.

The collaboration applies behavioural science to marketing to narrow the gap between intention and action. The BIG process is built around a systems-based scientific approach that examines the audience’s abilities, motivations, and contextual influences on actions – why and how people make decisions and do things. This proprietary framework is set to become the gold standard for achieving marketing goals and evaluating success in the advertising industry.

“Backed by behavioural science, BIG increases the chances of success as we use the combined power of creativity and science to move action beyond emotions, ” says Jeff Cheong, CEO at DDB Group Singapore.

“Through this partnership, we aim to add value to the marketing landscape by shifting from just creating public awareness through marketing and advertising campaigns to nudging behavioural changes among consumers. DDB is a leader in innovative marketing and recognise the immense potential of applying behavioural science to this domain,” added Peter Lam, Principal and CEO of Temasek Polytechnic.

The BIG partnership was formalised on 27 March at DDB Asia’s headquarters in Singapore (pictured), also attended by DDB Worldwide CEO Marty O’Halloran.

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