NHB, Tribal join hands to revitalise Singapore’s tailors

Tribal Worldwide Singapore has joined hands with the National Heritage Board to launch Recustom, a groundbreaking fashion movement designed to revive Singapore’s tailoring community.

Singapore’s tailoring community is renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and immaculate detailing – skills and trade secrets passed down through generations of tailors. Over the years, however, the community has lost many of its customers to the fast fashion industry. Despite their exceptional skills, many tailors lack the recognition and identity to compete with the allure of fast fashion outlets.

Recustom disrupts the fashion landscape with an upcycled clothing line that breathes new life into Singapore’s tailoring community. Unlike traditional fashion, it cannot be purchased off the shelf. Recustom is crafted by local tailors, using pre-loved garments provided by customers and design blueprints created by Singapore’s top fashion names – turning fast fashion items into coveted, handmade garments that never go out of style.

At the heart of Recustom are 15 exclusive looks created in collaboration with seven of Singapore’s leading designers, including Depression, Graye, Sabrina Goh, Lark and Peony, ANS.EIN, Baebeeboo, and Kebaya by Ratianah. The launch collection, shot by iPhone street photographer Aik Beng Chia, offers something for everyone, from contemporary streetwear and women’s wear to unisex apparel and traditional garments.

A highly collaborative initiative, Recustom is inviting designers, tailors, and students to submit new designs, and will extend to more tailors island wide.

Visit www.recustom.sg.





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