Skittles China, LAOWANG create designer toy range

Inspired by Skittles’ collaboration with streetwear label Supreme in the US last year, the brand has joined hands with designer toy brand LAOWANG in China to delight its fans with co-branded toys.

Designer toy brands is a fast-growing market in China with huge appeal among Skittles’ 270 million-strong target market – the discerning and highly lucrative Generation Z.

LAOWANG was created by popular Shanghai-based artist Ken Wong is his own likeness. Ken is also a die-hard Skittles fan. Co-creation not only requires the right partner but also exceptional brand synergy. Led by DDB China Group, Skittles and LAOWANG set out to create desirable crossover products that would fly off the shelves.

At the heart of the project are limited edition action figures based on Ken’s flagship collectable. Straying from its most recent all-black design, the action figures are transparent and filled with colourful Skittles candy. The collaboration also includes black cloud pillow bags.

The campaign launched on Weibo, Red, and WeChat in June, and the merchandise hit the Skittles’ Tmall flagship store on the 18th or 618 which is China’s largest online shopping festival. Buoyed by KOLs, the month-long campaign started a new trend on Red and raked in over 2.3 million views and 12,000 interactions.

Welcome to the new age of social commerce in China!

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