SONY brings Gran Turismo 7 into the real world

DDB Group Hong Kong has spearheaded a series of videos for the launch of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) racing game in Southeast Asia as part of a campaign that looks to bring the excitement and enjoyment of the game into the real world.

The fantasy of choosing your own dream car to drive, a major feature of the Gran Turismo experience, is brought closer to reality with the creation of a life-size vending machine with 20 floors of supercars from the GT7 game. Cars are selected and brought down via a special lift system to test drive in the game.

Supported by gaming and production divisions FTW and DDB Motion, DDB’s online videos blur the lines between virtual and reality. Footage features a dynamic presentation of the supercar vending machine and a simulated GT café where local gaming and racing heroes, Bobby Tonelli and Claire Jedrek, honour the café’s tradition of celebrating car culture. Together with other well-known motorsport personalities from across the region, they share ideas on cars, racing, and GT7.

The videos will be customised for fans in each of the major markets, appearing on the PlayStation Asia social channels.


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