DDB blends art and AI for Audi’s top-of-line EV

For its top-of-line e-tron GT, Audi sought to signpost the future with an impressive livery at the Singapore Motorshow 2023.

After all, as the slogan goes: The future is an attitude.

We joined forces with multidisciplinary artist Andy Yang to create the perfect embodiment of design and technology – where art meets artificial intelligence.

Inspired by Salvador Dali and powered by OpenAI, DALL-E combs through thousands of years of human art to create electrifying images from a description in natural language. The technology taps into machine learning and rich information recognition to bring innovative new designs to life.

Paying homage to the e-tron GT’s progressive design, the application blends pioneering art and technology to generate, layer, and paint the car’s exterior.

We created a symphony of Electric Dreams.

Electric Dreams became an electrifying reality, stealing the limelight at the Singapore Motorshow 2023 at Suntec City in January.

The team orchestrated a living, visual conversation between Audi and consumers, marking a world first for the automobile industry.