DDB Hong Kong invites everyone to McDonald’s

With all social-distancing measures being lifted at the start of 2023, McDonald’s Hong Kong wanted to create a mass-invitation to invite everyone back to their stores.

An invitation to McDonald’s is so universal that no words are needed; a knowing look and raised eyebrows say it all.

The campaign borrowed the iconic device of the cropped Golden Arches logo from McDonald’s UK’s ‘Raise Your Arches’ campaign and turned it into a mass-participatory invitation. We first seeded the invitation by getting Hong Kong stars across different generations and walks of life to raise their ‘arches’ and invite everyone to go to McDonald’s on social media. We then gave the idea to the masses by creating social activations that got everyone inviting everyone else to go to McDonald’s. The invitation quickly took over social media and pop culture.

We drove brand affinity and high levels of engagement among consumers, as well as record-high traffic and sales across all our stores.