Tribal saves Singaporeans from a salty fate

Lunar New Year is a time for lavish family feasts. To encourage Singaporeans to dial back on salt as they whip up festive favourites, Tribal Worldwide Singapore brought back its iconic health heroine for the Ministry of Health (MOH)’s latest health awareness campaign as part of its #HealthierSG initiative.


To remind the public to reduce their salt and sodium intake and make healthier food choices, we leaned into the popularity of Korean dramas to create an entertaining film that Singaporeans from all walks of life could appreciate. We reimagined a familiar character while leveraging food as a talking point for family and friends ahead of reunion meals and get-togethers.


On average, Singaporeans consume 3,600 mg of sodium per day – almost double the WHO’s recommended one-teaspoon limit. Excessive use of salt increases the risk of hypertension and high blood pressure. And given that one in six Singaporeans already suffer from these conditions, it was time to hit home with a powerful message.

Urging Singaporeans to pursue a healthier lifestyle, Tribal created an epic battle sequence with all the markings of a Hollywood blockbuster, spiced with some K-drama romance. The action-packed, 90-second film follows the health heroine’s arrival via a time portal to stop a masked band of salt villains from wreaking havoc on a group of diners. The villains are no match for her fighting skills, and a hard-won victory saves the group from a salty fate.

The Great A-Salt hit TV, cinema, outdoor, digital, and social media channels in the lead-up to the Lunar New Year festivities. Praised for being fun and engaging, the film made waves across the Lion City, raking in over 4.89 million views. The campaign was also extensively covered in mainstream media and earned an approving nod from Singapore’s Prime Minister.