A Singaporean love story for McDonald’s

Some brands just feel like ‘home’ brands. It reaches deeper to engage consumers other brands cannot reach – to touch the hearts of the people.

Over 40 years in Singapore, McDonald’s has that sort of love affair with Singaporeans – weaving into the social fabric of the nation. It has even catered to local tastes and traditions, as McDonald’s created ‘Love Local’ favourites such as the Prosperity Burger, Nasi Lemak Burger and even Salted Egg Yolk Burger through the years.


The Challenge

To celebrate 40 years in Singapore, McDonald’s wanted to tell its brand story with Singaporeans.

It wasn’t about a ‘looking back’ but a ‘looking forward’ to that place we called ‘home’.

The Insight & Idea

Brand love

They say that time changes everything.

For McDonald’s in Singapore, it gets better, friendlier, warmer, cosier and even more Singaporean.

Because for many Singaporeans, McDonald’s is regarded a ‘home-grown’ brand – even more so than other local brands.

We wanted to capture this ‘brand love’ for McDonald’s.

The Work

We produced a 60-sec film spot featuring the shared moments between Singaporeans and McDonald’s, as seen in everyday life in Singapore.

Heartfelt, endearing, even uniquely Singaporean, as only a local could feel and tell: The feeling of ‘home’.

It conveys the theme, “Come Home to McDonald’s”, as seen through iconic Singaporean life phases such as serving National Service, going on first dates, having a first child, to the everyday Singaporean moments of late-night suppers and just simply having ‘friend fries’ with kakis and BFFs.

Launched on 1 Jan, it will mark a year of celebrations for McDonald’s throughout the year, including the upcoming Chinese New Year.

The Results

In just over a week, the film garnered over 740,000 views on YouTube and Facebook.

It has won hearts and goodwill from Singaporeans, even a few critics along the way.

There’s nothing like a brand love story well told.