From Chinatown to China, come home to McDonald’s prosperity


The Challenge

Chinese New Year – it’s a time of reunion, with family, friends and loved ones.

First created in Asia, McDonald’s Prosperity Burger has become synonymous with the festive season, from Singapore to China, HongKong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

This lunar new year, McDonald’s celebrates 40 years with Singapore. We wanted to go beyond the iconic Prosperity burger and to show the true meaning of prosperity as seen in the Asian eyes in terms of emotional relationships. After all, true prosperity is about the richness of relationships.

The Insight

Prosperity Burger and it’s continued success/popularity the last 14 years is a testament to how the brand’s evolved and now more than just peeks into Singaporean lives and families. It is now a part of all significant local celebrations and cultural occasions.

While how people celebrate Chinese New Year has changed across the times and countries, McDonald’s Prosperity has become a part of the season.

With more people, especially the young, traveling for leisure during Chinese New Year, working or studying abroad, the call for togetherness has never been more challenging and yet compelling.

After all, it is when one is away from home that we crave the comfort and call of home. Absence makes the heart grows even fonder.

CNY celebration

The Idea & Execution

Our film tells a story of a young girl who is spending Chinese New Year away from her family.

She found herself in a different-yet-familiar place, somewhere in the streets of HongKong, Taiwan or perhaps China. In the cold of early spring, she hankers for the warmth and comfort of family. Through a series of text messages with her younger sister, she begins to connect with all that is at home away from home.

She eventually enters the embrace of the Golden Arches of McDonald’s and experiences a bittersweet moment as she bites into a piece of Chinese New Year tradition – the Prosperity Burger. This instantly brought her closer to home but what happened next topped it.

See the film for yourself:

Taste Of Home (English)

福气 味爱回家(Mandarin):

Exploring the less featured, but equally compelling relationship between siblings, this dovetails into McDonald’s 2019’s brand narrative of “Come Home to McDonald’s” – after all, home is where family love can be found, regardless of geographic boundaries.

The Results

The film proves to be an emotional hit in Singapore, and across other Asian markets where Prosperity may be found.

The campaign also features a Gold Bar giveaway during Lunar New Year, a golden moment from the Golden Arches, which aptly gives an additional ingredient for a season of prosperity for consumers and McDonald’s.

Where there is McDonald’s Prosperity, there is always love to be found for the season. Maybe even a heart of gold.

Come Home to Prosperity