Escape Room social experiment unites strangers

Escape Room social experiment unites strangers

Imagine a small space packed with people of different social background, culture, race and predisposition facing formidable challenges.

That sounds like Singapore alright – a small nation with some very big first world challenges. The only way round the challenges, is to solve them collectively.

The Challenge

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) wanted to strengthen the connection Singaporeans had with another. To get them out of their comfort zones and understand the need for teamwork and social cohesion, we took to a very novel social experiment.

The Insight

They say that in times of peace, we all take things for granted. It’s only in times of adversity that we all learn to band together.

While we can’t create adversity in peace times, we can stimulate one. One that will bring Singaporeans from various social circles together to overcome challenges and pursue a common goal.

Think of it as an Escape Room for a new generation.

The Idea & Work

Collab and Conquer

We went to the streets to invite Singaporeans to #CollabandConquer in ways they were unfamiliar with.

We created a modular space within a 17-foot long trailer, designed into an art-heist themed Escape Room.

We brought together a group of diverse Singaporeans, locked them in this Escape Room and challenged them to solve the challenges and mysteries within.

Locked inside four walls, with limited resources, the Singapore spirit prevailed – as individuals team up to crack the challenges. Their ingenuity and teamwork were captured on film.

We promoted the ‘dare’ with a blockbuster-esque movie trailer, coupled with reviews from social influencers such as Kimberly Wang, Munah Bagharib, SGAG & TSL.

Watch the video

The Results

It proved to be a novel social experiment.

Within a day of our launch, the event was fully booked.

The media was quick to feature #CollabandConquer, with prime-time news spots on Channel NewsAsia and Channel 8 as well as print features on Lianhe Zaobao and The Straits Times.

Sometimes, a social experiment works much more powerfully than any ad to drive home the message about social cohesion.

For Singaporeans, an escape room of this sort brings us closer to confront the real-world reality that faces us all: Divided we perish, united we will prevail.