Adding sizzle to the love for fried chicken

The Challenge

When craving fried chicken, McDonald’s does not come to mind.

Instead, when we think of McDonald’s, we think of the world famous fries. Or the Big Mac®. Or the local favourite: McSpicy®.

So when the time came for us to launch the perfect fried chicken experience, “Crispy Chicken”, the struggle was real.

After all, how could we contend with KFC, who literally stands for ‘fried chicken’?

The Insight

The fried chicken world is divided into two distinct groups: thigh-meat vs breast-meat lovers.

Thigh-meat lovers appreciate tenderness, and don’t mind dealing with the hassle of bones. Breast-meat lovers prefer a fuss-free enjoyment, and don’t mind compromising on the juiciness.

However, almost island-wide, parts are served at random, and most of the time, thigh-meat lovers end up making do with less tender parts while breast-meat lovers settle for troublesome bone-in pieces.

It’s as if the best of both worlds could never exist.

Well, not until now.

The Idea & Execution

Crispy Chicken

Behold, the Crispy Chicken.

A generous piece of boneless, whole-muscle thigh meat, McDonald’s Crispy Chicken appeals to all fried chicken lovers – whether you love the ease of breast meat or the tastiness of thigh meat.

No need to pick sides.

Crispy, juicy, AND tender in every bite? Now every part is your favourite part.

No matter where, when, or how you start and end, every bite is equally mind-blowing.

The new McDonald’s Crispy Chicken is so lip-smackingly good that every bite feels like the best bite, so much so you’ll want to have it again and again and again.

And again.

Our launch film sees a diverse cast enjoying the Crispy Chicken in a curious way. Everyone is seen entering somewhat a trance – a constant state of loop, while their environment is unaffected.

Be it buddies having a late-night supper in the car, or a couple on a date, everybody is locked into the sensorial experience the Crispy Chicken bestows.

Savouring every bite, and reliving that bite endlessly.

The Results

Our bizarre yet intriguing TVC garnered over 800,000 views on YouTube in less than a week.

We also launched #CrispyChickenChallenge on social media, which invites all fans to be part of the fried chicken revolution.

Crispy Chix