Hong Kong’s GenZ falls in love with the Big Mac

While the Big Mac is one of McDonald’s most iconic products, Hong Kong’s Gen Z doesn’t particularly care for it. The campaign set out to build Gen Z’s love for the Big Mac by injecting it into their pop culture.

Nothing sparks hype in pop culture better than an iconic rivalry.

The agency laid the foundations by first creating the Chicken Big Mac, a fitting rival for the Big Mac. Then partnered with Gen Z’s favourite broadcaster, ViuTV, to turn the campaign into a popular TV drama. We Got Game centred around two local stars in a basketball rivalry with one representing the Big Mac and the other the Chicken Mac.

Instead of forcing the brand into the story line, it became a protagonist as a part-time McDonald’s crew member and branded products as key ploy devices.

Fans could redeem iconic items from the show by competing in social activations, and the campaign ended with an all-star basketball tournament featuring Hong Kong’s hottest stars.

By sparking an iconic rivalry in pop culture, the campaign drove a historic high in sales for the Big Mac and unprecedented brand love among Gen Z.