Look like a foreigner, pay like a local

The Challenge

How do you get Singaporeans interested in a multi-currency account? Well, you get them in what they do best: Shop the world and pay like a local.

The Insight

Locals have it good. When you’re local, you don’t get charged tourist prices or have to deal with moneychangers and wads of unfamiliar denominations.

The DBS Multi-Currency Account lets you buy currencies at your preferred rates and pay in 11 currencies overseas with your DBS Visa Debit Card – sans the foreign exchange fee.

So you can now pay like a local when overseas. It’s just perfect for the well-travelled, shopaholic Singaporeans.

The Idea & Execution

Money talks, better and clearer, in local currencies. We helped Singaporeans shop in local currency and be accepted, even if not understood, round the world.

A 30-sec film spot shows a Singaporean tourist buying an ice-cream cone in Japan and gets lost in translation. Thankfully, he’s got the DBS Multi-Currency Account to make himself perfectly understood when it comes to payment.

Watch the video here:

To attain fame and following on social media, we ran two more filmlets as sequels to our main video, including shopping online in local currency.

Watch the video


Watch the video

The Results

With over 528,000 video views on Youtube and Facebook, we’ve created a winning campaign on social media. We also saw an uplift in business results, nearly doubling MCA account spend and overseas cash withdrawal for the month.

A clever banking product, given creative storytelling, has captured attention and market results. Creativity is the lingua franca of effective advertising at DDB.