SIM Beyond University

A new kind of world calls for a new kind of learning: Lifelong Learning

Simon Sinek envisions a world ahead of continual development for the human potential, as he puts it, “Life as an infinite game”.


In a major brand revamp, DDB helped SIM to transform as an institute of higher learning, surpassing the echelons of universities as we know it.

With a new brand identity, it features a modular logo that tells the principle of syncretism: Learning progressive parts to form new pathways in life – whatever yours may be.

It comes with a tagline “Learn for Life, Thrive for Life”, which sets SIM on a fresh, dynamic trajectory in the future of work and career learning.

Built to meet the future of work, SIM offers a wide curriculum of progressive courses that is on-going, online and on-target to meet dynamic career lifelong learning

This includes courses with a strong shift towards digital, data, technology and system leadership, available on-campus and online including the recognition of micro-credentials.

Based on a new model of higher learning, it develops talent across four zones of learning covering deep skillset knowledge, cross-functional skills, collaborative teaming and leadership.

SIM offers undergraduate, post-graduate and executive learning via its key divisions of Global Education (GE) and Professional Development Enterprise Learning (PDEL), including partnerships with 11 global universities. It also offers a series of management leadership courses for managers, directors, division leaders and chief executives.

A brave new world ahead calls for a new kind of university, that is more than just a university.

The campaign of course does not stop here – this is only just the beginning.