Oscars for Singapore food farmers, directed by DDB

To spur Singapore to achieve 30% local food production by 2030, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) tasked DDB to encourage consumers to choose and look out for local, sustainable food produce.

The SFA would unveil three new tiers of certification on packaging for locally-produced food items: mainly seafood, eggs and vegetables. Now we know FDA food labels are as tasty as the back of a cereal box.

To make food label certification a lot more palatable, tasty and celebrated, we decided to make TV stars of the three most popular types of local produce. In comes this year’s 3D-animated, Pixar-esque characters that sing, talk and cajole:  Sea-basstian, Caixin-derella and Egg Benedette C. Awarded at the glamorous SFA food award show, they gave their victory spiel on the star-quality local produce and became the faces of the new certification tiers.

The stars also made appearances across social media, in-store and outdoors, including posters and online.

With over 680,000 video views in just a week, before the full-blown media campaign, Singapore’s new food labels became the nation’s biggest social media stars. It also stroked up demand for these newly-acclaimed food items.

In the age of information and misinformation, personality often speaks louder than prose – and emotion sweeter than facts. If only our vegetables, fish and eggs could talk.