The amazing story behind Singapore’s water

Water is a vital part of the Singapore story.

The nation state has transformed into a model city for integrated water management and a Global Hydrohub – a world-class centre for knowledge exchange in water technologies.

Despite the technological progress, water conservation remains vital.

Therefore, PUB is continuously reminding every Singaporean to use water wisely.

Success breeds complacency.

With clean water readily available at a turn of the tap, a population can take it for granted.

How can we then rewire Singaporeans to conserve a resource that is seemingly in abundance?


The tougher it takes to make it, the more you should treasure it.

Behind every single drop of water lies a long and arduous journey before it reaches our taps.


We brought to life the comprehensive and complex water treatment process in a mind-boggling, eye-catching story – the making of water for Singapore.

A television spot dramatises the epic water journey, seen through the view of a water droplet, from the sky to reservoir to treatment plant to tap.

The Water Odyssey

To hit the message home, we “flooded” the entire island with contextual ads.

From buses to outdoor screens, we painted the town blue and helped Singaporeans understand the amount of water they can easily save, while alluding to the effort behind making every drop.

PUB Make Every Drop Count Poster

In two months, the TVC gathered more than 1.5 million views; with the campaign being picked up by leading news media such as CNA and The Straits Times.

On top of that, approximately 130,000 pledges were made to use water wisely.

We drowned complacency with an absorbing and fascinating peep behind the scenes of water treatment.

Everyone has a role in securing Singapore’s water future. Together as a nation, we can make every drop count.