Your Kind of Best. It all begins with a Teacher

A new chapter emerges for education in Singapore.

Beyond teaching for grades, it’s about bringing out the talent in every child. To do that, we need teachers who are passionate about both the subject and also the subject matter – the talent within every child.

It is a role that goes beyond the classroom, to bring out the different kinds of best in every child.


It’s not just about the subject you teach, it’s about the lesson you give.


We told a story about a boy and a teacher, beyond the textbook, the tests and the classroom. A bright-eyed boy whose passion for a subject was momentarily swallowed up by stage panic, that could have diminished the light in any child, only for a teacher to nourish and restore back the passion and the belief – lessons beyond the class that would last a lifetime.

We see the difference a teacher makes in a child’s formative years, to bring out the different kinds of best in every talent.

It all begins with a teacher, who went beyond the classroom to bring out the talent within the child.