How Tribal and the National Heritage Board are reviving Singapore’s tailoring community

In a bid to reinvigorate Singapore’s tailoring community, Tribal Worldwide Singapore and the National Heritage Board (NHB) introduced Recustom — a fashion movement fusing heritage and sustainability.

Recustom challenges traditional fashion by exclusively crafting garments from pre-loved clothes, collaborating with leading designers to produce exclusive looks, and involving local tailors in the creative process.

Speaking to LBB, Tribal creatives Junqi Liao and Shawn Lam, discusses how the project aims to revive old trades, promote sustainability, and celebrate Singapore’s rich cultural heritage — all while engaging the youth through fashion-forward designs and upcycling practices.

LBB> What inspired the partnership between Tribal Worldwide Singapore and the National Heritage Board to launch Recustom, and how does this initiative align with the board’s mission?
Junqi and Shawn> We wanted to ignite interest in Singapore’s rich cultural heritage among the youth and change the perception that heritage means ‘old-fashioned or boring’. To do this, we tapped into one of our youths’ biggest passion points—fashion—and created a platform for them to experience our heritage and contribute to presenting it in a new and fresh way.

LBB> Can you elaborate on the process of developing Recustom as a movement aimed at reviving Singapore’s tailoring community and promoting sustainability in fashion?
Junqi and Shawn> We took inspiration from the world’s biggest labels to develop an exciting collection that would appeal to various audiences. To give Recustom street cred, we collaborated with Singapore’s leading designers known for multiple styles, including streetwear, minimalist unisex wear, contemporary women’s wear, resort wear, ethnic wear, and more. We worked with them to create unique design blueprints, and each of these designs used old clothes to create new fashion. We also approached local tailors to ensure the designs were easily understood and achievable. These were made available to all on our website.

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