Taking Tencent’s gaming brand to the next level

Here’s for the win, DDB launches global gaming brand for Tencent with over 10million hits

For the global launch of Tencent’s new publishing division, DDB produced an extra-ordinary film story that transform gamers and teleport them into a metaverse of gaming.

It elevated Level Infinite, an alliance of game studios, developers and esports integrators, into the global league of game publishing.

Conceived and written by DDB creatives Eugene Cheong and Ravi Eshwar, it was produced by Applebox under film director Marco Kalantari, and received rave reviews from the gamer community.

It’s the beginning of gaming without end.

Based on the thrilling idea of gameplay – immersion – the film tells the story of strangers who transform into game characters and come together in the metaverse community to neutralise the dark forces.

A cinematic production featuring Allain and Butterfly from Arena of Valor and Nano Companion Shooter from Synced: Off-Planet, unified in a spectacular gamescape, the film combines the visual effects and live action drama you would expect from a top-league publisher.

The film also features thrilling in-game footage from several epic titles currently under Level Infinite’s wing: Arena of Valor, SYNCED: Off-Planet, GTFO, Metal: Hellsinger and Bloodhunt to name a few.

Gamers gave it the fist and thumbs up: “Expect a movie of the live action”, “IDK FOR SURE BUT DAMN THIS IS DOPE”

A final twist invites the fans to stay tuned… because it’s NEVER the End.


In the first 24hr from brand launch the video amassed:

2.5M views and 8.7k likes on Facebook;
1.5M views on YouTube with 100% positive sentiment.
250K views on Instagram
180k views and 182 retweets on Twitter

Within less than a week of launch, the film reached 10M+ views across platforms.

This film to launch Tencent’s Level Infinite looks like a global hit.