‘Live more. Bank less.’ Here’s to Digibanking

As digital banks scramble and scrum to launch in Singapore, DBS Bank has made virtual banking a reality – in fact, years ahead of time. Intelligent, intuitive and invisible, DBS ‘digibanking’ seamlessly let over 3 million customers do more of what they want and less of what they don’t every day: Live More. Bank Less.

After all, people don’t need banks, just banking. The new league of DBS digibanking just got smarter and more intuitive, as it uses predictive data and cognitive insights to learn, then fulfil, each customer’s needs. It’s not one size fits all, but one size fits ‘you’. From businessman to barista, its digital banking solutions revolves around the habits and needs of each customer. From insights to investing, it’s faster than a tweet. It’s no less than what you’d expect from the world’s best bank. Welcome digital banks, to DBS digibanking.

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7 in 10 people voted DBS as “Leader in digital banking”, “Best digital bank”, “New way of banking”, “Banking without the bank” and “Customised to my lifestyle”.

Voted the World’s Best, three years in a row*.

* Best Bank in the World 2020 – Global Finance, World’s Best Bank 2019 – Euromoney, Best Bank in the World 2018 – Global Finance.