Disco moves Vaccine

The Singapore Government tasked DDB to debunk common myths and encourage vaccinations especially amongst older 45 year plus audience. Where rational arguments often fail on hardened senses, the campaign took to rhythm and rhyme, a pop music video and even mayhem to make vaccinations feel popular, familiar and catchy – to infect an audience who grew up with the disco-era. It just doesn’t make sense – until it works – and then it does.

We brought back TV comedy icon from the 90s, Phua Chu Kang, for an infectious, high-energy, disco-inspired 2 min music video delivered in his trademark Singlish (local creole English). It proved to be eye-candy and an earworm, with K-Pop-esque backdrop and lyrics, which go deep into the senses where logic cannot reach. Press, outdoor and online gave new feeling to the campaign ‘V for Vaccine’ victory symbol. Within two weeks, it received over 3.7million views and global recognition.

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“If you don’t want a vaccine straight after watching all two candy-coloured minutes of this ad, nothing will ever win you over. At the very least, you’ll never get this tune out of your head.”
The Spinoff NZ, Steward Sowman-Lund, 5 May 2021

“The video has been featured in new stories in the United States, Britain and Australia. I think its appeal lies very much in its wanton disregard for trying to appeal to logic. All too often, even when trying to convince family members who are uncertain about the vaccine, many of us attempt a rational case based on evidence. Yet vaccine hesitancy has proven itself to be remarkably immune to facts and logic.”
The Straits Times, Jeremy Au-Yong, 9 May 2021

“So far, the video has been praised online as lovable cringe and surprisingly informative, while some international viewers have urged their own governments to produce similar tracks. Others have expressed concern the video may be played repeatedly by the Singapore government until everyone is vaccinated.”
The Guardian UK, Rebecca Ratcliff, 3 May 2021


Some of the publications that covered the campaign: