Know what sells? Salted Egg Yolk + Singlish

The Challenge

We all know that Singapore is ever–changing. And McDonald’s too is ever innovating, if only to keep up with an ever–changing Singapore!

For the upcoming National Day, McDonald’s decided to salute the locals with something distinctive in both product taste and mother tongue appeal.

The Insight

Singaporean taste buds are getting more exotic. Beyond just chicken rice and chilli crab, we hanker for the new and the innovative in local flavours. And that includes the spoken lingo. After all, it’s not just what that goes into our mouths that make us Singaporeans, it’s also what that comes out of it!

The Idea & Execution

To celebrate this National Day, we gave Singaporeans their all-time favourite McDonald’s food with a local twist. For example, a McSpicy® “zhng-ed” with Salted Egg Yolk sauce and a marriage of Twister Fries and Shaker Fries.

The campaign also dished out a Singaporean flavor, with startling headlines in Singlish and visuals in upbeat colours, to get the attention of local consumers. It was as bold as it was eye-catching.


Salivating already? Here’s the film to bring that delicious mental image of yours to life.

Every headline in Singlish alluded to the distinctive, new flavours of McDonald’s for SG51.

We stole the limelight on Singaporean’s favourite TV channels, radio stations, social media platforms and posters island-wide. We also added a local veneer and increased our relevance in hyperlocal social media content such like Mothership and The Smart Local.


The Results

The campaign launched on 30 June 2016 with much fanfare and it proved to be a best-selling hit! Queues spilled out the entrances of many restaurant outlets; with the salted egg yolk chicken burger selling out before the day ended, deserving of a Michelin star.
It got Singaporeans saying, “Confirmed Shiok!”